Business, financial and legal issues

This activity is aimed at the constant monitoring and in-depth study of both national and European regulations regarding the main business, tax, financial and legal issues that are of interest to the sector.

In particular, ANFIA:

  • annual estimates of the tax contributions resulting from the taxation of the automotive sector (tax burdens on automotive sector in Italy)
  • contributes, by providing updates on national legislation as well as drafting the ACEA Tax Guide, which provides an overview of motor vehicle taxation within the 28 EU Member States, the EFTA countries and the principal world markets
  • promotes the dissemination of know-how among member companies regarding specific topics of interest to the sector through the creation of short and concise guidelines drawn up by its own internal Working Group and organises training courses to provide more in-depth information
  • regarding credit and finance, in October 2017 we signed a partnership agreement with Banca Intesa Sanpaolo with the aim of facilitating access to finance for companies from the automotive sector

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