Regulatory affairs and technical legislation

Regulatory affairs and technical legislation

ANFIA monitors and contributes directly to the national and international regulatory activities within the automotive sector through its participation in the most important legislative forums of greatest interest to its members.

At a national level it is worth mentioning, in particular the partnership with the Italian Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport - Directorate General for Motor Vehicles. This partnership concerns the implementation measures of the Highway Code and its adoption into national legislation regarding European rules for the approval of vehicles, systems and components together with the Technical Unification Bodies (UNI and CUNA) on the development of standards harmonised in accordance with the product guidelines applicable to the machines.

ANFIA is a member of both the European and the International Associations for the Automotive Sector (OICA, CLEPA, CLCCR) through which it monitors the technical and regulatory issues under discussion in Brussels (European Commission, Parliament and Council) and Geneva (UN - Economic Commission for Europe).

ANFIA actively participates in the following working groups:

  • OICA “Technical Committee"
  • OICA TF “Automated Driving”
  • CLEPA WG “Global Harmonization”
  • CLEPA WG “Energy and Environment”
  • CLEPA WG “Safety and Mobility Evolution”
  • CLCCR “Technical Committee”


ANFIA also coordinates its members in defining a common Italian position, to be shared with the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport - Directorate General for Motorisation, on proposals to amend the ECE Regulations that are under discussion at the UN - Economic Commission for Europe.

This is done on a regular basis to prepare for meetings between the following bodies:

  • WP.29 “World Forum for Harmonization of Vehicle Regulations"
  • GRB “Working Party on Noise”
  • GRE “Working Party on Lighting and Light-Signalling”
  • GRPE “Working Party on Pollution and Energy”
  • GRRF “Working Party on Brakes and Running Gear”
  • GRSG “Working Party on General Safety Provisions”
  • GRSP “Working Party on Passive Safety”

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