Progetto 18

Progetto Diciotto

This is a project aimed at increasing the efficiency of road freight transport per unit of load - for the transportation of volume intensive goods - by increasing the length of the loading platform of combined vehicles within the limits set out in Directive 96/53/EC.

In 2009 ANFIA proposed to the Ministry of Transport this type of experiment involving a limited number of vehicles on the Italian road network with the objective of assessing the benefits, in terms of efficiency for an optimised combination of trailer and semi-trailer with an overall length of 18 metres.

The first batch of 30 units, built in 2009, have been in circulation for more than seven years with no significant problems reported. A second series of a further 300 units has been delivered to road haulage companies interested in the trial since 2015.

This project is closely monitored in order to collect experimental data on driveability, fuel economy and overall logistical efficiency.

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