Since December 2016 ANFIA has taken over the legacy of ATA (Associazione Tecnica dell'Automobile which was founded in 1948), with the aim of revitalising many of the initiatives that until then this association had promoted in order to increase awareness - especially from a technical, research and training point of view - of motoring culture in Italy.

Among the initiatives historically started by ATA and which ANFIA has proposed again:


International Technical Seminars

The organisation of international technical seminars which are based on scientific issues related to the automotive world. The aim is to offer opportunities to discuss current state of the art topics and future trends. The reports that are submitted during the various meetings are made available to members on a dedicated website.

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ATA University

This is an academic project that since 1986 has been aimed at promoting initiatives that provide students of scientific faculties effective means to integrate their education as well as helping the university world and the industry to come together.


Formula SAE Italy

Formula SAE Italy & Formula Electric Italy is a competition for engineering universities only, from all over the world. They have to design and to put together a prototype of a racing car (combustion or electric), following the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) rules.

During the event, each team has to take on several challenges divided in two big categories:

  • statics, which are: Design Event (presentation of the car design), Business Event (business presentation of the project in front of potential investitors) and Cost Event (analysis of the cost report where each team has to include the quantity of materials and components they used to put together their car). These events are judged by important experts in the field, which are divided in panels.
  • dynamics: Acceleration, Skid Pad, Autrocross & Endurance. This last event is the final one (22km on track and each team has to change their driver at half of the event) and it aims to judge the whole performance of the car during a race.

This event spread in Europe in the early 2000s, based on the American one which made its debut in 1981.

The first edition of the FSAE Italy date back to 2005, organized by the Associazione Tecnica dell’Autoveicolo (ATA), on the circuit of FIAT Auto Balocco in Vercelli. During the years the event has been moved from there to the circuit of Ferrari Fiorano of Maranello in Bologna, before and then to the circuit Riccardo Paletti in Varano ‘de Melegari near Parma which is the current circuit where FSAE Italy takes place.

After 12 years, from 2017, ATA is no longer the organizer of the Formula SAE Italy & Formula Electric Italy. With the organization of the 13th edition, The Italian Association of the Automotive Industry (ANFIA) made its debut as organizer. 

ANFIA, for the future, aims to the growth of this event both on the side of the number of participants and on the side of the quality of the organization.


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