Borgo 4.0

Borgo 4.0 project

The Technological Platform for Sustainable and Safe Mobility Borgo 4.0 is a supply chain project promoted by ANFIA and realized with the involvement of a public-private partnership coordinated by the managing body ANFIA Automotive. It involves 54 companies and 3 local research organizations, with the participation of the 5 Universities of Campania and the CNR.

By integrating research, development, innovation and technology transfer actions with the experimentation - in real and scale environments - of new technologies for autonomous and connected driving, the project represents, in the village of Lioni (Irpinia, Avellino), the first example in Italy of a laboratory for technological experimentation in various complementary fields, where large and small companies in the automotive and telecommunications sectors work in synergy to develop new solutions, materials and intelligent components for the mobility of tomorrow.
On May 20, 2021, the Campania Region published the decree approving contributions to support investments: an overall plan for over 73 million euros - of which 46 to apply to the lines of action of the POR Campania FESR 2014/2020 and about 27 represented by private co-financing of companies.

The initiative will have a strong impact on the territory, including at the infrastructural level: experimenting with smart mobility means, in fact, moving on smart roads that allow for dialogue between the vehicle and the infrastructure. Hence, the study and design of real-time and preventive smart systems - for the communication between road sensors and on-board devices - of monitoring solutions for road surface safety and signage, of systems for sustainable management of the infrastructure and traffic optimization, smart devices to optimize parking infrastructures and for fast charging, as well as infomobility services.

In detail, the affirmation of the sustainable mobility paradigm will see the Borgo 4.0 platform engaged in specific implementation paths:
• A – mobility: Solutions for the improvement of autonomous and connected vehicle solutions in different traffic and driving environments, processing information from onboard sensors and smart infrastructures
• C – mobility: V2X safe communication system supporting innovations in active and cooperative security applications and infomobility services
• E – mobility: full electric vehicle solutions and ultra-fast charging infrastructures
• F – mobility: lightweight design, energy efficiency, environmental sustainability
• H – mobility : Light weighted modular platform (passenger/freight transport) for hydrogen fuel cell powered vehicles
• P – mobility: Platform for smart Borgo 4.0 applications supporting interoperability of autonomous and connected vehicles and intermodality

Investments in radical innovation projects will make it possible to experiment derivative innovation projects:
• Antifane: New sensors and system for a sustainable infrastructure and optimization of traffic
• Leonardo: Solution for driving comfort and for the improvement of vehicle performance
• Seneca: Solutions for efficiency in parking and installation of charging infrastructures
• Socrate : System for road and infrastructure condition monitoring, development of active safety barriers
• Talete: Solution for driver and vulnerable user safety in urban roads
• Virgilio: Applications for the management of urban mobility

All this involves significant interventions in the Municipality of Lioni, the technological partner of the project immediately active in the process of setting up the experimentation laboratory, starting from the redevelopment of the city streets and the reconversion of the viability of the PIP area, to the creation of a real educational laboratory dedicated to road safety and education in area 7, interventions for the efficiency of public lighting and the improvement of road safety through ICT technologies.


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