Lobby for innovation

ANFIA, in the interest of its members and for the development of innovations within the automotive sector, closely follows national and European policies on research and innovation, contributing to the creation of funding opportunities for R&D. The promotion of research and development is also carried out with the coordination of the Transport Cluster and DATTILO through the ANFIA AUTOMOTIVE consortium.



Consortium established in 2011 to support and develop research and development initiatives in the automotive sector through the participation in initiatives financed at national and European level.



DATTILO - High Technology District Transport and Logistics

Established in 2013 in Campania through the collaboration of industrial and academic sectors involved in railway, logistics and automotive industries and represented entirely by ANFIA Automotive.
It acts as a facilitator for its members' participation in funded research and innovation programmes both at regional and national level.



A national technology cluster that brings together leading industrial and scientific players in the sectors of road, rail and water transport mobility.
It acts as an intermediary for R&D activities between Italy and Europe and acts as a link between the various modal supply chains, developing guidelines for research and innovation based on a systematic approach.
ANFIA Automotive coordinates the organisational secretariat.

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