The Car Design & Engineering Group was founded in Turin in 1911 as the XXVII Group of the then Turin Industrial League, under the name of Carrozzieri Italiani, and then merged in 1912 with UIFA - Unione Italiana Fabbriche di Automobili the forerunner of ANFIA.
Since then, all companies that are part of it - those active in the field of style and vehicle design - have undergone radical changes, changing their image, size and objectives in line with the evolution of the automotive world. They quickly became part of the global market: from collaboration with Italian manufacturers to collaborating with European, American and lastly Asian manufacturers.

In 1946 the sector companies produced 700 car bodies. In 1961 this group became a major industrial player and built 50,000.
In May 2011, on the anniversary of the Group's centenary and coinciding with the celebrations of the 150th anniversary of the Unification of Italy, ANFIA promoted an exhibition-event at Officine Grandi Riparazioni (OGR), a masterpiece of Turin industrial architecture from the 19th century. The exhibition included the most prestigious concept cars from the Group in the Gardens of the OGR and the organisation of a conference entitled "The weight of ideas. The unbearable lightness of being...creative".



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Another historical initiative of the Group, which dates back to July 1999, the centenary year of the foundation of Fiat, was the " ITALIAN CARROZZIERI. 70 capolavori per FIAT dal 1899 a oggi " that was held in Turin.