The know-how of Italian car design & engineering companies is strongly characterised by their experimentation of new design solutions and the use of new materials and technologies with a view to reducing costs, making this sector one of the leading players in Italian high-tech. The automotive and mobility future is influenced by diverse styles and crosses the boundaries between various industries, such as industrial design and furniture design. A new frontier in the interpretation of cars is opening up as they are now not only means of transport but are also becoming living spaces. EXAMPLES OF PROJECTS RECENTLY UNDERTAKEN BY ANFIA MEMBERS:




The needs dictated by the evolution of mobility systems in its many facets - new means of urban mobility, increasingly green and smart cars, sharing mobility and connected vehicles - transform vehicles and impose new manufacturing and stylistic requirements. This means a new approach to design, for example in terms of space and ergonomics. The creativity of Italian companies can be best expressed in this direction, with versatile solutions that can be adapted to different vehicle concepts. EXAMPLES:




The Italian car design & engineering sector, by welcoming and enhancing its heritage of traditional craftsmanship, has preserved and reshaped its typical value of Italian creativity and, above all, has been able to invest in the planning of systematic activities well before others in the design of vehicles from a blank sheet of paper to production, thereby becoming a global reference point. The strength of its long tradition, combined with the ability to master all stages of the process, from creativity to concept of models, development and manufacturing, have preserved its excellence over the decades. EXAMPLES: