Telematics and Infomobility

Telematics and Infomobility

The Telematics and Infomobility Working Group brings together Italian companies active in this sector and which represents an all-Italian level of excellence. Within the Group, there are 100% of the Italian telematic insurance market represented as well as 70% of the connected vehicle services.
The Group's main objective is to facilitate discussion on issues related to automotive telematics which involve various parties, from software and service providers to device manufacturers (for example the black box) and vehicle manufacturers. ANFIA is working in this direction together with national institutions to:

  • promote the development of ITS (Intelligent Transportation Systems) in the automotive sector
  • to create an Italian regulatory framework that will facilitate the widespread use of ITS
  • identify new models of governance to manage mobility issues
  • achieve standardisation and interoperability of services (beginning with insurance telematics and eCall)
  • define strategies and roadmaps to develop a common vision on connected vehicles
  • promote Italian companies which are active in the ITS sector on the international market


Hearing in the Senate on the DDL Competition (text in the Acts of the X Industry Commission).

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