Vision and mission

ANFIA - the Italian Association of the Automotive Industry – is one of the leading Italian Trade Associations.
Born in March 1912, over these one hundred years, ANFIA mission has always been to represent the interests of its associate members and ensure effective communication between the Italian motor vehicle industries on the one hand, and the Public Administration and Italian political bodies on the other, with regard to all technical, economic, fiscal, legal, statistical and quality-related issues referred to the automotive sector.

ANFIA numbers 350 member companies. The Association is structured in three product-based Groups, each one chaired by a President:
- Components: motor vehicle parts and components manufacturers
- Car Coachbuilders and Designers:  companies working in the sector of design, engineering and style of motor vehicles and/or parts and components for the automotive sector
- Motor vehicles: motor vehicles manufacturers in general, including trucks, trailers, camper vans, special means of transport and/or intended for special use, such as fitting and specific equipment mounted on motor vehicles

Vision: creating value for the automotive industry

Mission: a body capable of representing and offering services to companies in the automotive sector in order to support and strengthen their competitiveness, their growth in foreign markets and their integration within transportation systems through:
- close relationships with national and international institutions
- networking activities, participation in legislative and technical committees, studies and analyses within the sector plus training and consultancy

ANFIA is actively involved in the most important current issues affecting the sector, which it represents and which concern macro areas of mobility, safety, environment, energy, research and globalisation.


ANFIA Statute

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